Scare Force One in Finland – Part 1

So, after a bit of debating with myself I came to the conclusion that I’ll divide this into three parts rather than making one LONG entry about it. 

Well well! Where shall I start off. Because of school reasons I decided to leave fairly late from home, not until about 5.30 or so in the evening, arriving fairly late, as you might understand. I immediately set off for the hotel and started walking up the ever so familiar shopping street, and a few years later I finally arrived at the hotel. I set up my things and left to pick up some dinner and also heading out for some poster-hunting. Yes, I’m a sucker for gig-posters, and having seen a SlipKnot one on Drottninggatan I had to see if there was anymore than that one availible, which it wasn’t, but you know… I got my dinner so I’m happy.

So yeah. What can I say. Scare Force One on repeat, dinner and chatting with awesome people before going to bed to get ready for the real adventures. When laying down, I noticed that people had written small messages in the “roof” of the bed, and I figured I had to leave a little message as well.


The next day became a little more stressful. I know myself pretty well, and I also know I hate getting up in the morning even if I have to. Even though I packed and prepped everything already the night before, I still struggled a little coming up. I had planned so I could miss a bus or two without missing the flight, which was good. I got out in good time, and I even had time to stop and snitch Sid off the panel he was sitting at at Drottninggatan.

And this must have been my lucky day I’m telling you – when looking at the buscharts, it said it was going to leave at 8,which made me so confused, because when I checked the time-table online, it clearly said 7.40, 7.50, 8.00 and so on, and I had checked specifically for todays date, and I saw the bus before left 7.45, and I arrived 7.46.

Or at least it was supposed to have been. I went outside and got on the bus that was outside, and after a minute or so it left, like, 13 minutes before it was “supposed” to. Not sure at all what was up inside Cityterminalen, but I was more than happy that I and Sid got to the airport as soon as possible. Luggage drop off was quick, and I eventually went through security and all, with only abuot an hour or so until the plane was about to take off. Good. After all this time travelling, I’ve gotten sick of waiting too long.

I decided to pick up a coffee for breakfast before meeting up with Michelle who was already waiting by the gate! Gaaah, it was so cool to see her again, and to travel again you know? At first we started looking for some place to have some actual food, but soon decided against it and eat one in Finland instead. As we waited for the plane, a little kid came and played with Michelle’s jacket. Oh the lulz.

Since we didn’t check in nor book together, we didn’t get seats next to each other… but gladly, the plane wasn’t filled or anything so we ended up sitting together regardless! When we landed in Finland we were greeted with better weather than it was in Sweden, that could only be a good sign, right?

First stop after getting to Helsinki central was to pick up some concert tickets at a R-Kioski and then heading toward the hotel. I had originally booked the wrong hotel, but managed to cancel it and book the same hotel fellow monstermaniac Sophie stayed at. We headed over there, and much to our dismay, noticed we couldn’t check in until 4. I’ll tell you about this hotel.

So, this hotel is basically not staffed. You have a code to your room, which is also the code to the hotel and the elevator, so there is no actual receptionist or anything there. We were a little frustrated, I mean, we wanted to get to the gig goddamnit! So we called the service number, and she told us since our room was ready, she could activate the code immediately. THANK HEAVENS! We went upstairs, unpacked our things and got in touch with Argo and Sophie.

We told them to meet us in 20 minutes outside the hotel, so we went down to the lobby to wait for them. It was so exciting. I haven’t seen Argo since our trip to Italy in 2013, and Sophie, the last time I met her was in 2010!! It’s fucking insane! After waiting a while, we finally saw them coming and I literally went all ASJDLAJDLASJ on the inside for seeing these amazing people again! Wow. The feeling people, the feeling of seeing someone you haven’t seen for YEARS, and now they are there with you, in real life. It’s a surreal feeling.

We headed to the Rax Pizza buffet for Lunch and we just sat and ate good food and talked for a good hour or so, before heading back to the hotel to get ready for the show. It took a little longer time than I had expected, so we sent Sophie and Argo to head over before us – like, the arena was 5 minutes or so away from our hotel, so it wasn’t even a particularly long walk or anything. A little after they left, also we got on our way and headed for The Circus.

To be continued


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