REVIEW: Korzus – Legion

My friends, I suppose some of you have heard of Korzus. Brazilian thrash-metalband formed in 1983 starting off their career a little odd, you’d say – by releasing a livealbum first. So far they’ve released eight albums spread over the years, and it’s been four years since they last had an album out, “Discipline of Hate”, which was praised by the press.

The album opens up with the aggressive tones to “Lifeline” – both musically, and lyrically. And this sets the tone for the whole album. Continuely, throughout the album, the theme gets heavier and heavier, and I would imagine it would when your lyrics seem to reflect the political nature of where you are from, especially thinking about the song “Broken”. The whole album is a lot heavier and darker, more intense than “Discipline of Hate”, which I must say I personally don’t find all too good.

The overall production of the album is good – the material is wellcomposed and arranged, but it’s just something that’s lacking on the album. Perhaps it’s the darker theme – but it just doesn’t speak to me.  But all in all – it’s a job well done, and I’m sure the fans will be satisfied.

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// Sara

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