Dear Darlin’


Today my friends, another ticket has been purchased! This time, it was for SlipKnot’s show in Helsinki, as I already told you previously I’d try to get. So now, finally, 2 out of a few shows has been booked! And I’m so excited. I’m planning the trip, or, half-way, the trip of my life right now, and I don’t wanna say too much about it just yet, you’ll find out when you do I guess!

However, I had a bit of an incident this morning. The tickets were set to be released at 9, so naturally, I went up at 8.30 to make sure to put on my computer in time, get my creditcard ready and all of that, to make it smoothly. I wasn’t sure how quick they were going to sell out – as far as I was concerned, not as quick as Lady Gaga, but not like I could wait a few days.

Around 8.45 I actually went on the site to have a look at it, and when I typed in SlipKnot, I noticed the tickets were already on sale. 15 minutes prior to release. I was confused as fuck, and a little upset at first, until I realized.

Finland is one hour a head of Sweden. While it was 8.45 here, it was 9.45 there. The tickets had been on sale for at least 45 minutes.

HOW FUCKING STUPID AM I? Finland is probably one of the countries I’ve visited the most throughout the years, and it’s also my favorite country, have been all my life, and I could go on and on about Finland, YET I FORGET THE FUCKING TIMEZONE. How is it even possible. Sometimes, I truly live up to my haircolour.

Anyway. At first I freaked out a little, because I chose standing tickets, but they were sold out. And I was like no no no no no, and mind you, 45 minutes is a bit of a time, so I figured, if they are sold out, they are sold out. But I kept pushing the button a couple of times, and eventually I got a hand of standing tickets. Phew. Why was I even worried in the first place, I always get the tickets I want. ALWAYS.

But aside the little non-drama, I love how next year is starting to shape up. As of now, I have three confirmed gigs in February, and two in March, Steel Panther & Katy Perry, and I’ve planned to attend Sweden Rock and Skogsröjet. I like it.  I hope I can beat the record from 2011 that was around 50 gigs throughout the year. Can’t be impossible, right?

We’ll see.


// Sara

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