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So my friends! This weekend I’ve actually been at Jennie’s the whole time, and what have we been doing?


ThaSims 013ThaSims 014
(The Sims 4 Plumbob giving light to the keyboard!)

So basically, I went to her on Friday evening and ever since then we’ve flipped between playing The Sims, eating some food and sleeping (‘cept for like five hours during Saturday when I worked, but yeah). It’s been freaking awesome, I’m telling you. I wasn’t sure at first when I went to Jennie’s if I’d be playing The Sims 1, 2, 3 or 4, so to be safe I brought it all with me, but I end up playing solely on Rosalie, the The Sims 4 one. And I’ve done sooo much with her since then!

At first I quit her job as a musical genious and got her into a career as a journalist, which I excelled in and later ALSO quit in order to go after some other career, but after going half-way on maybe two or three different I got tired of it and just quit everything. She get so much royalties for her songs and all the books she writes, so there isn’t any real need for a job.

I also finally moved her out of the little house she had, and built her a big villa if you like across the road from her previous house. I’m pretty happy with the outcome, especially it being the first time I ever build anything in The Sims 4!


This is as good shots as I could find of her old house, and now I’ll show you parts of the new house. I’m not sure how many good shots I have, because I didn’t think about showcasing it before I started writing here…


Yeah. These are few shots that captured most of the house, I think.

Another difference is, and this is something I haven’t done since The Sims 2, meaning, I even skipped this completley when it comes to The Sims 3 – I had Rosalie’s boyfriend Emil move in with her.



He came into the house unemployed knowing nothing, but he’s now an aspiring artist, I think he’s on level 8 or so in the career. He likes to paint squirrels.


And you might have noticed, there’s a little shorty in the pictures, huh? Yeah – that’s right. This is also a first since The Sims 3 – to be preggers and have a child. I had originally planned for them to be married first, because I wanted to see how it worked out, but for some reason I completely forgot about it and made her pregnant instead. So, they have a son, Oskar Emilsson (since he’s Emil’s son) and he is now a teenager. Straight A’s student and a parttime barrista. Love it.


Yeah. I guess that’s what I can update you about Rosalie and her family. I have yet to decide when I’m going to age Oskar and kick him out of the house, but once I’ve done so, I’ll start making new babies. But until then, I’m just going to let my The Sims 4 sim play The Sims 1. The sad part about is that I recognize all the places the game shows, and I even know exactly where the places are if I was to start The Sims 1 right here right now.


Pathetic or amazing?

Amazing. I say amazing. It’s passion, god damn!

// Sara

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