After a long weekend with working on both my jobs, I sat down with a nice wok and a movie I had bought a long time ago, but had yet to watch.

The movie is called “Trust“, released in 2011 and directed by former Friends star David Schwimmer. The movie is about 14 year old Annie who has a friend she met online and when Annie finds out he wasn’t who he claimed to be, things get out of hand. I don’t wanna write too much further into the plot in order not to spoil anything.

This movie, structurewise, reminds me a lot of my all time favorite movie 2:37, referring to the time aspects from time to time. But it also reminds me of that movie because of the theme. It’s a fairly heavy movie, but it’s also extremely touching and heartbreaking at the same time. The end of the movie confused me so much, but on the other hand, I think the end of it reflects the reality of situations like this.

I’d recommend this movie to anyone, it’s heartbreaking, but good. I shed so many tears watching this.

// Sara


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