Pussywhipped – New video with Steel Panther!

Alrighty folks! This was actually released a couple of days back, meaning, I’m a bit behind since I completely missed out! But yes, here, finally. Steel Panther’s new musicvideo for the opener on their most recent album: “Pussywhipped”.

Well.. What can I say. The video is a tad bit more…. graphical, if you like, compared to earlier work, but on the same time it’s pretty much exactly what I’d expect from them to put out. It’s so hilarious, the video and the song makes me think of a friend of mine, it’s absurd haha. But it’s well made and it has some sort of story, and that’s nice.

But in all honesty, it’s fun and it’s Steel Panther. I’m not too fond of the song,or “All You Can Eat” at all for that matter, so perhaps this is why I’m like meh about the whole video, or maybe I’m growing out of the band (I won’t abandon them though, I’d never do that). I guess it’ll be different when Lordi releases the “Scare Force One” video, since that song is an absolute killer in every way possible. (Oh. Did I spoil something for someone now? Sorry, don’t really care!)

What are you guys thoughts on it?

// Sara

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