First of all; apparently, it’s my 7 year anniversary as a WordPress-blogger today! Time sure flies sometimes, don’t you think?

I wanna take today’s entry and tell you a little bit about a band I held fondly for many years, the norwegian punk-rock band CRASH!.

CRASH! was formed in Halden, Norway in 2005, then under the name Already Taken, but changed the name in 2006. The band itself is most famous for their two appearances on the Norwegian pre-selection for Eurovision Song Contest. MGP, in 2007 with the song “Wannabe” and then in 2008 with the song “Get Up”. They didn’t do too well in the contest – but they gained some well-deserved publicity and acknowlegdement.

They released one EP – “Wannabe” and one album – “CRASH!” and played a lot in Norway, a few gigs in Sweden and even had a smaller tour in Romania before they called it quits in 2009.

Photo taken by me, in Halden, Norway on June 16th 2007.

I had the blessing to catch this band live once – when they were opening up for Wig Wam in Halden in 2007, and I really enjoyed it. I’m normally not into punkrock that much, however I do love this band a lot. Their debut-album is just… I can listen to it for hours sometimes. It’s a shame they disbanded, but I guess it was somewhat inevitable. Even though they gained some popularity – they never really had a break-through, and I guess you can only continue on for so long.

But regardless if the band still exists or not – their music lives on.

Buy the album here:

// Sara


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