Day 15 – A song that describes you

At first I sat clueless and didn’t really know what to put up to this one. But then it hit me, and it hit me hard.

She” by finnish band Stala&SO. . It’s not too personal, but it’s more about the life as a fan, you know. All the concerts. All the travels. All the night’s spent at Vaanta airport, all the long bustravels, trainrides, all those pit-stops in towns which names you can’t even pronounce (both Swedish and other countries).

All those saggy, wet and close to disgustin SubWay sandwiches that are essential for travelling. All the queueing in line, meeting new friends, meeting old friends. Seeing the band you love. All of that. It’s such a big part of my life, that it in a way comes to describe me. I’ve been in the newspapers because of this interest once before, so I guess it defines me in a way. And that is fine. I’m absolutely cool with that.

However, don’t take it too literally. I think I might have to point out here that I have for instance never been used by a band or so that I like (I know some people have gotten hung up over things like this, so I might just as well put it out there)

But yes. “She” by Stala&SO.

// Sara

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