Lady Axa

Okay so.. I don’t really know how to write this, or what to write, but I figured I must say something.

While scrolling through Facebook today, I noticed some odd facebook updates that forced me to go and check my stables guestbook. Once there, I learned that Lady Axa is about to be put down.

For now, I feel mostly emptiness. First of all, this came out of nowhere and I’m literally just dumbfounded right now. I guess I haven’t realized it just yet, that she’s going away. I was in the stable, riding, just a few hours ago, and had no idea. I hope I get the chance to say good bye.

Lady Axa was my first real favorite horse in the stable since Pickles, and Lady Axa was also the only reason I stayed at the stable. I don’t even know what to say right now. I guess I’m still a bit shocked. I think I need to let this melt a bit.

Well, I figured I’d tell you what’s going on, so this will be the reason for lack of activity or quality.

// Sara

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