Day 14 – A song that no one would expect you to love

This one, my friends. is hard. Most of you people know I listen to pretty much every kind of music, so I don’t really think anything I could put up here would be a too big of a surprise. BUT – I did come to think of one song that might surprise you.


“The Deal (No Deal)” from the musical Chess, here performed by Tommy Körberg, Murray Head and Elaine Page. I’m actually very weak for musicals, the bombastic arrangements and epic moments. This song particularly stand out for me, mostly because of the break where they start singing “Who’d ever think, it’s such a squalid little ending..”. Absolutely love the greatness, and I mean. How can one not love Tommy Körberg, The Voice? You can’t.

I actually had the blessing to catch Chess live once, back in… good question. I have no idea what year I saw it, but it was in Oslo, and Glam, Åge Sten Nilsen from Wig Wam was playing the part of The Arbiter. Even though I had initially gone there for Åge, I fell in love with the musical.

To this date, this musical is one of my absolute favorites.

// Sara

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