I want to say something.

I’m sitting here, DEAD tired since HammerFall’s show last night at Liseberg, and no worries, I WILL write about it I promise, but not right now. It’ll take me about an hour or two + going through the photos to write about it, and for now, I’m too tired to that.

I’ve slept an average of three-four hours a day this past week up ’til Friday, where we decided to sleep in a little bit, not a lot, but a little. At 11 or so we headed down for Gothenburg and Liseberg, and about four hours and loads of confusion later, we are there. We had a great time at the amusement park – a lot of gambling, some rollercoasters. We had even more fun at the gig, despite the crowd not being too good. And I wanna give a nice smack to the girls infront of us who thought it was so “cool that people actually dressed up for this”. Because it’s not like we dress like this daily. Haha, seriously.

After the show, we did some more gambling and more rollercoasters and also had dinner. I think the dinner was the first thing that pointed at how tired you were – not only did I manager to drop my phone right into tacoplate of mine, but we also kinda heard what we heard about foreheads and what not, haha.

HammerFAll 069

Anyway, the tests of the tests came when we were gonna go home. We decided against having  a hotel, and instead drove home instantly. At first it was ok, even though it drove us MAD trying to get out of Gothenburg. Once we did, we were calm. But then tiredness hit in, and I’m not sure if I ever actually did nick a couple of times, but after 1/3 of the way we stopped at a pit stop to catch 30 minutes of sleep.

And then we continued. There wasn’t much traffic, and I barely even remember anything from driving home, which scares me in a way, but we got home, safe and sound. At 4 am or so in the morning. It was the drive from hell, and I know it ain’t even close to what some people sometimes go through.

We went to bed, and then got up around noon. Michelle went home, and I took another nap to try to catch up.

Now I’m sitting here. Tired as hell. Wanting to write about HammerFall, but I know I won’t be able to write properly with a brain like this. And I don’t have the time either.

Because I’m going back to work in about an hour.

How about that, you guys who say we don’t “deserve” this or are “so rich you can do whatever you want”.

I’d challenge you to travel and see the band under the same conditions we do sometime. And see if it really is as glorious as you think it is. Travelling for bands is the absolute best thing in the world, I wouldn’t be doing it if I didn’t love it as much as I did.

But don’t you dare come tell me it’s so easy. Because the way we do it, it ain’t.

I hate going all negative on here, but I’ve had it up to here with people who do this. And they say this everytime we go somewhere. And it’s pissing me off.

“We worked our fucking asses off to get here, this was no easy ride whatsoever” – Joey Jordison

// Sara


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