Last night Michelle came over in order to have a bit of a prelistening party before the HammerFall show we are about to see today (this entry has been clocked) and we started out pretty nicely with eating some asian food and listening to the record. We came up with some stuff while listening to the record, and we will show you sooner or later, I promise.

After dining, Michelle brought out the gifts she’d gotten me for my birthday. This is beyond sweet of her. She’d gotten me a Sailor Jupiter plushie, a giftcard for concerttickets, a kinder egg with Phineas&Ferb AND.

Erasure’s “Always” single.

If this wasn’t enough, she also brought a cake. And not just any cake.

A Frozen cake.

lololo 005

lololo 008

Giftigivng was done, and we decided to cool it down a little bit with watching SlipKnot’s show from Roskilde in 2009.

Here’s the dumb thing. I can’t watch things without coming up with stupid things. We noticed how high Corey would jump and Michelle pointed out he might have rubber legs, and in response I yelled out “RUBBER MASK, RUBBER LEGS, JUMPS HIGH WITH SUCH A DENSITY!” (Which is a spoof of Phineas&Ferb song ‘Rubberbands, rubberballs“)

Seriously people, don’t watch live DVD’s with us. It won’t work.

// Sara

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