Today has been a The Sims day. I’ve literally just spent almost all day with just playing The Sims 3 and slowly reading a book. It’s been somewhat calming, but it’s also been.. I don’t know, boring in a way? Right now The Sims 3 bores me to death, but perhaps that’s because I stay too long on things without doing much. Like, I say I’m not gonna start the diving shit until she’s got her five star hotels, and such.

However, I did a 160, and turned. I changed her job, so instead of being an investigator, she’s now a coastguard in lack of better things to do. She can easily live on her two hotels, but I like doing things. She’s only saved two lives so far, one being an old man, and the second one… a ghost. I didn’t realize ghosts could drown. But then again, the cause of death of the sim was drowning so I guess it was… an old habit, haha.

Anyway. My sim has picked up fishing and are snorkling as much as she can, but for some reason she refuses to do it for long. Anyone knows why this happens? Hm. I’ll just keep on pushing though, I really want to get on the… seas with her boat and dive into the deepest of oceans. And hopefully not get hit by Kraken.


Maybe I should give you a quick tour of her house. It’s currently in four floors.


This is the bottom floor. It serves as a living room as well as a recreational room, in a way. She has her sculpting thingy there and all.


This is the second floor, and it serves as a bedroom and a bathroom.


Third floor. This serves as a kitchen, as well as a balcony, that now has a grill and everything. I have also but the steeringwheel up here, to have it as high as possible.

I have added a fourth floor, that serves as a cosy room. It has a big fireplace, lots of bookshelves and wineshelves and is made only for her to sit in to read and have it nice and cozy. Sadly, I have no pics of it as of now, though.

// Sara

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