New Lordishelf, at last…

Today I finally did something I’ve been planning to do for a long time – redecorating a bit in my room, or to be more precise, move the contents of my Lordi shelf to a bigger one, as the collection started to outgrow the old shelf (the old one was 33x33x33 so…)

I’ve had all the contents such as books, shirts, flags, shirts, DVD’s, shirts and other shenanigans lying on a chair ever since we got home from Savonlinna and today was the day I at last snapped and figured I had to get rid of it because it was in the effin way. 

It wasn’t too easy though, as I had to clean out the shelf I had planned. It was filled with ALL the different kind of crap you can imagine, and once I had actually cleaned it out, I realized I might just as well clean off the Frozen and Eurovision shelf (which are on top of the now Lordi shelf) or else I’ll just get all the Lordi stuff full of dust when I clean that off later. Said and done, and a million hours and ALL Amaranthe albums and singles later, I’m finally done with this.


Lordiröjet 251

Lordiröjet 253


Lordiröjet 256Lordiröjet 257Lordiröjet 259

For those who wonder: In the white package, there are three more Lordishirts that are for now a little too new to be mixed with the other shirts, and the scary paper cat is a souvenir from Lichtenfels, the gig we went to in 2011. Only the people with us on the trip will understand it, haha.

Where did all the other crap go? Well, some of it (like the Digimon cards and the ghost) went on to share the shelf with Frozen and Eurovision, right in between, in front of the Sweden Rock Winebottle, most of it went to the shelf next door where I miraculosuly managed to squeeze everything in.

And some of it, such as the GameBoy games, actually moved on to the old Lordishelf, allowing me to have a small gamers corner. Finally I know where to put all my GameBoy games, wii games, playstation 1 games AND my Disney Infinity characters! A fair trade, I must say!

Speaking of Disney Infinty… Must. Get. Phineas. Perry. Dipper. Mabel. Mwaaa!

// Sara

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