Time Won’t Come Back

Ahh. I love finding new music like this. Was just simply searching for “The Deal”, the song from Chess, and ended up on an old band called The Deal. Amazing stuff right there. This is the best way to find new bands, I tell you. I can’t stop listening to this.

Anyways, today I went downtown to pick up another birthday gift, a little late. The long wanted Sabaton ticket! Just in time really, the concert is next week, haha! Can’t tell you enough how pumped I am for this. Haven’t seen Sabaton in what feels like ages (And it might be, too lazy to check how long it’s actually been) and then they are supported by Amaranthe. It’s close to a dream line up!


Anyhow. Off to bed. Tomorrow will be a day of purchasing new courselitterature. I’ve decided to leave everything called job applications and once and for all get done with school, starting with this new program. I’m soooo excited for this, you have no idea!

// Sara

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