And the rain will kill us all

Literally, this time! Or well, alright, we didn’t actually die, but most of our stuff did!

As I had my birthday yesterday, we decided to celebrate it small time this time around, with a picnic in one of the city parks. Started off by picking up Jonny and Jennie at their place before meeting up with Michelle at the park, where we set up our little small Skogsröjet table and quickly filled it with all the kinds of food and treats we had brought with us. We had decided beforehand that everybody brings something to the table for everybody to share in one way or another, so we basically ended up with a smaller buffet of different things, LOVE IT!

Martina soon joined us and made the buffet even bigger. We started munching right away followed by loads and loads of laughter.


Later on we were joined by Anna and Thomas, and they made it pretty much in time for… the rain. The weather had been a bit unstable all through the day – a little rainy, but also a lot of sun. We figured we’d take the risk and just go with it, and if it becomes unbearable we’d just leave. But then again, we are all vikings who has been to festivals a lot, so unlike the title, a little rain won’t kill us. At least not this little rain.


And you know, we had a pretty cozy time under the umbrellas!

Well, what can you say. It was a fun night, filled with laughter, feeding the ducks that ran around… one in particular was really brave and hang around us all the time, she even ate out of my hand! Lovely duck. We wrapped up the night by playing a music-game called Så Det Kan Låta before packing up all our soaked things into Michelle’s car and headed home.

Thanks to Jennie, Jonny, Martina, Anna, Michelle and Thomas for making this night great! Love you guys!

// Sara

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