One More Minute

So, in case you didn’t know, which you probably didn’t, today is my birthday! Woho! 23 years of age, and I’m already sensing those gray hairs, which is why I give my hair a peroxide shock every second month, because you know, if your hair is light, no one will notice!

Anyway. The day has been spent pretty calmly. Nothing wild, nothing too harsh or anything. Mainly just sat, ate some cake, and got a few presents from my family.

birthday 004

So what be this? Well, first of all, pretty covered up is the Disney Infinity Starter Pack, of course together with Elsa and Anna play-package. I’ve always been curios about this game, and when Phineas&Ferb creator Povenmire announced that Phineas & Perry would have their own play package in the future, I was sold. And of course, when Elsa and Anna I came I was even more sold.

It’s also Katy Perry’s most recent album “Prism”, alongside some money AND a Katy Perry concert ticket, you know the one I bought ages ago. Last but not least, Dynazty’s “Sultans of Sins” on vinyl. I love it all.

Thanks guys!

So yeah. With that,I’m retreating to my room. Loads of new stuff to play with, aye.

// Sara

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