Dying In Your Arms

Have spent most of this day sleeping before I realized it might be a good idea to you know, start to slowly prep for Skogsröjet. By prep, I mean fixing the most important thing for the festival.

The playlist. We’re gonna have a smaller camp actually, so I’m really stoked about getting things ready. So I just mindlessly started to put in songs you know, some songs by random bands such as Naked Idol and AC/DC to a lot of songs by bands who plays such as Crashdiet or Avatar when I suddenly hit my first bump in the road, which was H.E.A.T.

I try to keep down the numbers of the songs I pick for now, as I want the other campers to have an input on songs as well, but damn it was hard choosing songs. But then I hit Lordi and Sabaton…

If there is one thing that is absolutely impossible on this earth, then it is to choose just a few Sabaton and Lordi songs. I swear to fucking God, I’m positive I’ve put in almost the entire discography of both bands. I’d sit like “Maybe not that song…. but it’s soooo good…. Damn it”.

Well, what can I say. Good thing the peeps I’m going with are avid Lordi and Sabaton fans!

Aside from that, I’m getting pumped for Röjet now. I ended up on a live video from when I saw Steel Panther live earlier this year in Oslo… you know. The crowd there, we were fucking incredible.

I’m down at Satchel’s side (you can’t see me, just wanted to clarify) and I mean… We are fucking INSANE as a crowd. Now, THIS is what a crowd should be like! I sure as hell hope this happens at Skogsröjet, or else I’ll be a very sad panda in the crowd.

// Sara

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