Day 09 – A song that you can dance to

A song that you can dance to. I can dance to pretty much any song. It’s all about finding the rythm in the song you are dancing to. Be it Lady GaGa, Beyoncé, HammerFall, Slipknot or Mayhem. It’s all about the rythm. But, I did manage to narrow down to one specific song, that may not be all too obvious to the general audience.


7734” by Sabaton. This song was originally released on “Metalizer” / “Fist for Fight“, but made a return on this years release, “Heroes“. And boy, am I thankful. What you may not know, is that “7734” happens to be not only a fairly good song, but also one of my all time favorite songs by Sabaton. I usually call it my big three – “The Art of War” (song), “Carolus Rex”(song) and “7734”.

The version posted above is the “Metalizer” version, and I don’t exactly think this version makes the song justice, but I failed to find a “Heroes” one, other than on Spotify. Regardless of version, this is a song I for real dance to whenever it comes on. This is the type of songs that pumps your blood you know, that makes you wanna move your body. Or how to put it.

Maybe it’s not your cup of tea, maybe it’s not your first choice for a dancetune, but I swear. If you put this on I’ll dance. I’ll dance lindyhop. On the table.

While screaming double seven thirty-four.

// Sara

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