I started work this morning, and I must say, I did sooo well! I was beyond worried that I were going to fuck up the whole thing and being late and all, but I started 15 minutes late, and despite having to do a second round because of certain circumstances, I still finished 30 minutes before deadline! Ohh yeah. And I didn’t start going fast until halfway through, so I think shit’s gonna go smooth as fuck these three weeks.

So smooth I’m even going to pick up an extra hobby alongside my job, to collect bottles to recycle. Lordi once sang in a song “would you get down in the gutter swallowing your pride?” Well, I SAY YEAH! I’d do anything for Lordi you know. And be collecting bottles isn’t exactly a secret, I do it all the time, it’s how I finance most of my trips. But I’m gonna pick it up a notch. See how far we can go with it.

Talking about Lordi… When I got up this morning after sleeping after work, I saw this HUGE package on my spot for me. I didn’t even have to think, I just stood in the stair looking like Olaf and just “It’s here it’s here it’s here!” and when I saw the Savonlinna stamp I just got all fuzzy and warm and mushy on the inside.

And I opened it and… SADHLASDJHALDJHL!!

I love it. I love the fact that each and every member has been included, even The Drummer, on the shirt. Like you know, to sum up all of Lordis history. God. Of course, it’s not the Europe for Breakfast shirt, but you know.. it’s special. Perhaps because of all the memories from the trip, but yeah. I’m so glad they could walk that extra mile and send it. I love them.


// Sara

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