Expedition Savonlinna: Day 3 – And the rain will kill us all

Last night, after going home when the exhibition had closed, we decided to take on last stroll around the central of the town, more specifically, the forest close to their casino across the bridge from the square we lived in. The whole town was almost built up like that – islands. There were bridges and small seas everywhere.

Anyway, this city is really breathtaking. The nature, the seas, the architecture. I mean, I know I’ve said it quite a lot, that it’s basically the same, Sweden and Finland, and in the core it is, but on this town I tell you… extraordinary. The rain was pouring down like crazy, hence my lovely Slipknot-y title, because the rain did perhaps not kill us, but it did kill our faboluos hair, haha.

I tried to take som pictures, but yeah, rainy rainy!

´Savonn 008

´Savonn 012´Savonn 015´Savonn 017

´Savonn 029

After strolling around, we went home to the hotelroom and wrapped things up with Dark Floors. The night ended a lot later than we had expected it to, leaving us with a lot less sleep than we had expected. But yes, again, what did we expect. We’re on a journey and all, haha.

Anyway, when we woke up in the morning we immediatley went down for breakfast and then headed up to pack everything. I only bought two shirts, dry schampoo, a poster and some very tiny souvenirs, yet I struggled to pack my bag. What is that. WHY is this. Don’t know really, but precious Michelle offered to take on my toiletries, and eventually we could leave the amazing apartment and head towards the train station.

This is something we did with very, VERY heavy hearts. You know. This is my home. It feels like it. I’ve been drawn to Finland ever since I was little, and no matter what town I visit, or how many times I visit, my urge to get here gets stronger. I’ve paid so much attention to the finns when they speak during my stay, and I’ve picked up quite a bit in the language. Of course, it’s not easy breezy language, but you know.

After this, the whole… travelling madness began. First off, was the train from Savonlinna to Parkkila, and then in Parkkilla we had a 8 minutes train change. Gladly, Parkkila is a pretty small station, so getting between the trails aren’t hard at all.

However, on the train from Parkkila to Helsinki, panic start to wake up in me. I realized, that with the expected arrival, 16.48, it would leave us pretty exactly two hours until the plane would leave. And then we are only in the city central. Shit shit shit shit. We looked up the times of the air transfers, and noticed they departured every 20th minute, and one would go 16.50, and we hoped we would catch it.

Which we didn’t, of course. Why would it ever run smoothly for us? So well yeah, next one it was, 17.10, leaving us only 20 minutes to check in our luggage before they closed the bag-drop off. But as the smooth people we are, we managed it. Well what can I say… we got on the plane. Got off it. Collected our luggage.

Got some dinner, Got on another bus to the city terminal, and now I’m here.

On the last bus. My shoes are uncomfortable as hell, after wearing them for 16 hours. My whole body is sore and pressed together because I’ve been seated in small areas for so long. I’m tired as hell, I have a sore throat and I mix up Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish when I try to talk to someone. And on top of that, I forgot my seasickness pills, so I’m really ill as well.

But it’s worth it. This is the kind of thing you do for the bands you love, you know. This wasn’t even a concert, but I don’t regret a single second going there, supporting the band, supporting the local artschool and on the same time experience a bit of Lordi history. I’m completely blacked out financially right now, and I’m going back to work on Friday. And I hope I still got some voice. And that I’ve gotten rid of the finnish words by then.

But yeah. I’d do anything for Lordi, I would walk the distance for them. And that is something we’ve done in this trip. And just the fact that we’ve travelled 14 hours today, speaks a lot of it, don’t you think?

Thanks Lordi, thanks Savonlinna, thanks to the amazing hotel and most importantly, the amazing crew at the exhibition. We LOVE YOU.

// Sara

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