Expedition Savonlinna: Day 2

Alrighty alrighty. Day two in this gorgeous town started rather early with some heavy breakfast. Or perhaps, healthy breakfast. Yup. That’s right people. For once, I decided to go fairly healthy, and so did Michelle. Best breakfast EVER.



After breakfast, we decided to go for a smaller shopping spree. We mainly went out to get some dry schampoo (to make sure to look our best for the afternoon) but also because hey! We’re on vacation! The only thing I really did pick up though when we roamed the streets where a few souvenirs. Instead of getting a lot of decorations at stores, I plan to decorate my room and my future apartment with souvenirs from all the different towns I visit, mainly outside of Sweden of course. I also found this amazing little snake-necklace, and I love snakes on jewellery (and for real as well, but I don’t wanna own one myself) so I had to take it. Matched my snake earrings pretty well. Also found the cutest of stickers to use in montages for the future.


Anyways. After shopping, lunch at Subway and dry-schampooing, we headed for the very last time to the exhibition. We were greeted by the same amazing lady as we were yesterday, and then we got to enter the amazing thing again. Not sure how much I wrote about it yesterday, and it wasn’t TOO much stuff there – but it was basically this “Honey I’m home!” feeling when you got into the room with the Deadache and Babez line up.

Lordiii 090

Well.. what can I say. First of all we spent  a few hours photographing EVERY DETAIL on the costumes. I have a friend who’s into cosplaying, figured I’d do him a favor and photograph as much details as I possibly could. After this we just hung out, sitting on the floor discussing details on the shoes and the costumes when a couple of the crew came and talked a little to us.

When we were checking out the art exhibition the sweet lady came and told us she was leaving for the day, and we didn’t want to let go, so we asked her if we could perhaps have a picture with her, and she agreed! She also called the whole crew to come and take picutres with us, and we are SO THRILLED to get this. Because this is the absolute best crew ever.

Lordiii 336Lordiii 338

I’m going to tell you why. These people… they kept us company all day. Talking Lordi with us. And later on talking about Finland, Sweden, Everything between heaven and earth really! It was SO NICE you know, to just sit and discuss Lordi up and down with people. People you’ve never talked to before about it.

But here’s the real deal. They asked us, “Hey, would you like to see the wings?”, you know, Mr Lordi’s wings? They weren’t a part of the exhibition (at least not at this point) so we said hell yeah! However, we expected it to be like, they would start some fancy thing on the set up or so, but what happened was the the guy actually WENT UPSTAIRS to the storage, and brought down the wings. Only to show us.

And it doesn’t stop there. Then he and the others started mending the thing (pretty broken) and fixing it up. So we could take pictures with it.

Do you guys hear this? They brought down the fucking wings for our sake. The mended the damn thing for our sake. I can’t even… I can’t even begin to describe this! THE BEST CREW I’M TELLING YOU!

Lordiii 354

Lordiii 355

After this, we sat and discussed music and whatnot with the crew, all the way until the thing closed. One of the guys even gave us the broom and told us “No no, you’re not leaving yet! Cleaning time!” Sadly, he was only joking. Seriously, I could VOLUNTEER cleaning the place, no problem!

Of course we didn’t leave the place emptyhanded. I came out of the place with a Hella faceshirt (after a few ifs and buts) as well as a Get Heavy shirt. I’m bankrupt, but you know. If it’s anyone I’d go bankrupt for, it’s Lordi.


After this, we cooked ourselves some tacos sitting here and just admiring the whole thing, loving the whole thing, saying to ourselves…

we don’t wanna go home

// Sara


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