Savonlinna Expedition: Day 1

Alright people! So I guess the cat’s out of the box! We are in Finland, and we are attending Lordis exhibition! Let me tell you about our journey.

Our journey started last night, Sunday night, at a cold busstation in Stockholm. We started walking towards the hotel we had booked in panic in realizing we need some sleep before going to Finland. Once reaching the hotel, we realize there are NO staff there whatsoever. Gladly, we could call them, and they let us in and told us what roomnumber we had and everything sorted out.

It was kinda weird you know, being like in charge, and it got even weirder when we noticed we were literally the ONLY guests at the hotel! Spooky, but also fun. We also had this MAJOR thing in the middle of our room, that looked like something that would come straight out of the Robinson-quest at Boda Borg.


Fun story about the hotel: Michelle was about to go and get ready for bed in the master-bathroom, but all of a sudden I heard her scream. Apparently, we weren’t alone at the hotel. We had company.


Well. Perhaps not her brand new best friend if you know what I mean. Gladly, there were a bunch of kids toilets we could use instead.

Anyway. Another fun story: After we located the Alfons Åberg toilets, I had a bit of an incident. I was just about to wash off my face when I got stuck. I thought it was just my festival bracelets who caught the necklace and tried to shake it off. Look closer in the mirror. It appears I managed to stuck the chain of my necklace inside the safety-pin I had nailed to one of my festivalbracelets. HOW. HOW DO I EVEN MANAGE THIS?!


After this, we managed to get about what, three hours of sleep? Before it was time for us to head for the airporttransfer. Once there, we checked in everything, got inside and eventually got some breakfast. AND ALMOST MANAGED TO MISS OUR FLIGHT. HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE. When we reached the gate it was final call. HOW. HOW.

Well, gladly, we MADE the flight (I would never have forgiven  myself else) and you know. I’ve missed flying SOOO much. It was so nice to be back in the air, and I was excited as HELL getting back to Helsinki for the first time in forever.


Once landed and transported into the central of Helsinki we picked up some quick lunch and headed for our train. Everything went so perfectly – we never had to wait too long for anything, but on the same time we never really had to stress too much. Of course, I was worried as hell while on the first train (we were to change in another town) but after reaching that destination, realizing the other train departed two metres away, all the fear disappeared.

And you know. Savonlinna… It’s so beautiful! I mean, I’ve been in awe ever since we arrived. We located the hotel fairly quickly. and noticed what a pretty apartment we’d manage to get! It’s amazing! BEYOND AMAZING! After settling down, charging phones and getting ready, we headed for our final destination. The Lordi Exhibition.

At first, we missed it. But then, after turning on our GPS, we managed to locate it. We both squealed inside when we saw the banner flying high, or wwell, not so high, but fairly high!


And then we entered… and I must say. We came across the SWEETEST STAFF EVER! Instantly when we had come in, we started chatting about Lordimemories, the costumes, the shows, the eras, EVERYTHING! It was so great to for once you know, outside a concert, meet someone you can really talk to about Lordi. And then you had the other guy, who was the one who came up with the idea of the whole exhibition…

So here’s the deal. We stood there and admired Kalma and Kita’s costumes from the Monsterican Dream era, and we told him that we didn’t really dare to go too close because we were unsure if any of the costumes would actually start moving. Then he looked really close and he was like “No, they are all right! Go check!” Hesitantly, we both leaned in to look Kalma in the eyes….

And then the crewmember grabbed both of us and screamed.

Like. If I haven’t been closer to a heartattack before, then I sure was now. WHAT THE HELL. I mean, now, five minutes later, it’s hilarious as hell, but at the moment I was like WRTLDSFJASLDJASLDJ!! I may add, we were the only ones at the exhibition at the time, and the crew. The entire crew laughed, and after a while we joined in as well.

Well, what can I say. I enjoyed the exhibition. It was nice seeing the costumes so up and close, and to notice all these details. I feel somewhat decieved in a way, when I noticed some certain aspects. I mean, I know they are fake, but I didn’t realize how simple some of them where! I’m beyond fascinated though. It gives me a lot of ideas for questions, and tomorrow I’ll make sure to bring along a notepad so I can scribble down all I come up with.

We are going back tomorrow to pick up some merch as well as paying the exhibition and the lovley staff a last visit before leaving.

Not that I want to leave but…



Well. I figured I’d put up more pictures tomorrow, or when I get home. Right now both me and Michelle are pretty dead after being awake for almost 24 hours(!!) and we just want to sit down and watch Dark Floors. As you can see, we are posing with the props from the movie on the pictures above! Lovely place.

Over and out!

// Sara

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