The Kids Who Wanna Play With The Dead

Currently sitting a sweet little hotelroom in Stockholm. It’s kinda awkward – we seem to be the only guests here, and there are no staff or anything whatsoever, we are literally alone in this building. We’re of course taking this oppurtunity to crank Lordi real loud and dancing. And the fact that we have a Boda Borg similar pole in the middle of the room doesn’t help, haha!

Anyway, this has been a hectic weekend really. My brother got married this Saturday, so that’s basically were I’ve spent my weekend. It was a very sweet and intimate wedding, and I’m so happy for the bride and the groom! Good luck and congratulations (again) to both of you!


Today has been a day of travelling. First started off the day with dinner at my new sister-in-law’s, after heading for Malmö. For todays honor I had first class tickets, and first class is so cozy. You sit there, and the seats are so large you can have all your luggage by your side. It’s amazing.


So yeah. Now we are here. At the hotel. All alone. Cranking Lordi. And in four hours, our bus leaves to our next destination. Where?

Well, I guess you’ll see! Now: Bed!

// Sara

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