Day 02 – Your Least Favorite Song

In lack of better things to write, here it comes! Part 2.

Day 2 – Your Least Favorite song.

There are songs I don’t like. Quite a few. And I could easily go into saying I dislike Miley Cyrus “We Can’t Stop” or Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” or whatever, but on the same time, it feels a bit easy. A little to easy to just go, yeah, hey, I dislike these songs! So I’m gonna go with this.

Sincerely With Love – Lordi

I bet you never expected to see me put a Lordi song on here, did you? Well. Here we go.

The beat in this song; the riff, the music, is all perfect. It’s very promising. The whole song was promising. Until the singing started. I tell you. When I heard this song the very first time, we literally had to pause and rewind, because we weren’t sure what the hell we actually heard.

First of all, while I don’t mind swearing in a song, I was well surprised to hear Mr Lordi curse in a song. I know I know – he curses in “Schizo Doll” at one point, I know. But it still felt very odd. And the rest of the lyrics for this song feels very off as well. I can’t say I know to 100% what the song is about (at least I’m not gonna say I do) but it’s not… what I would perhaps expect from Lordi. Not at all.

But what really made me dislike this song, was what it has become. It has become a song that Lordi fans uses to bully other Lordifans with. If a Lordifan doesn’t agree with what you say, they aim this song right at you. And where are Lordifans gonna turn, when they are being bullied by the fans of the band, with a song from the band?

Think about that for a second.

// Sara

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