Absolute Zero

Today is a national holiday in Sweden, called Midsommar. Remember the floral thing in the beginning of Elsas coronation in Frozen? That’s a midsommarstång. OH. This reminds me, I was to write about it on the Frozenpage… Ok, nevermind.

I don’t really celebrate Midsommar. I guess we have some sort of dinner, but it’s no more than that. Of course, what WOULD be epic would be if I managed to gather all my metal and Lordipeople together – but summer is a difficult time. You know, festivals, festivals and MORE festivals. And I don’t complain to be honest! But yes, make things tricky.

So, while having festivals in mind I sat down to fix my precious Lordibag. I’ve had this bag for eight years now, and the time has taken its toll on it. It’s started to crack in numerous of places, and by all means! This thing has gone through all kinds of festivals, all kinds of travels ALL OVER EUROPE, gone to SOO many concerts, been pulled and torn and gone through airportsecurity checks and ON TOP OF THAT, it has been my most loyal school-bag ever since I was 15, carried everything from papers to HEAVY HEAVY books. And of course, I’ve used in my every day life carrying everything from wallets to heavy groceries.

With other words. It’s been used a lot, so it being torn here and there, are no biggie. It’s rather remarkable that it’s not in shreds.

lordipåse 013


It has cracked like this in three out of four places, and it also has a few holes in the middle of the bag. But fear not!

As I said, no celebration, so I spent the day out in the lovely weather (while it was still lovely) repairing my old friend. It’s as good as new!

lordipåse 020

And with that, baggy-baggy and I are ready for our next adventures. That so happens to be something Lordi related. In Finland. So the first thing it will go through, are airportsecurities and trainrides. No rest!

What could it be, what could it be…

// Sara


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