Just Can’t Get Enough

Today has been slow. For the first time in forever, really. I went to a meeting, with a fairly good outcome. But most importantly, I’ve gotten around to buy a parking ticket for Sweden Rock. Not sure if I wrote in my previous entry, but I’m going there by car this year. The bus I had planned to take has either sold out or cancelled the route, and I can’t be bothered with trainchanges and shit. So driving it is. If anything, it will be fantastic training.

It’s gonna be so great to be back at festival ground. It’s been so slow the past years with festivals and concerts in general. Mostly because of economic reasons, but also lack in interest. But it’s finally coming back. My platypus and I even planned yet another gig today, HammerFalls release gig in Gothenburg. I need to clear with my job if I can go, but hopefully!

Tomorrow is my first free day in ages. No meetings, no training, nothing. I’m gonna take that as an oppurtunity to run errands. To go do some pre-Sweden Rock shopping and prepare for the whole thing. I don’t wanna find myself standing on Tuesday or Wednesday and be like “damn. I need to pack” or whatever. Of course, having a car makes everything easier, but you know. It’s gonna be so much fun though. I really can’t wait.

// Sara

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