Rythm of the Night

Today I took myself the time to do some shopping, much NEEDED shopping before Sweden Rock. First, and perhaps most important, was me getting a pair of shorts. You see, shorts and I haven’t exactly had a romance the past years. I’ve had one pair I loved to death, but they broke. When I got a replacement of the same brand,it turned out they had started to make them a different way in a different fabric, and thus, they fit no more.

BUT NOW. For the first time in forever, I’ve actually gotten myself a pair of shorts. And I find them pretty smashing, to say the least! Together with them, I also got myself a new skirt. Not that I actually needed anymore, but I really, really, really, loved the design on it. Mhm.


Do you see the little lepard-details on the shorts? I just fucking love it. When I came home I made sure to place an order for a top as well, and I hope I get it in time for Sweden Rock!

Apart from this, I also made the “little mistake” of entering GameStop. Big mistake. I need to save a bit money for upcoming trips, but that’s hard to do when you walk into a store that happens to have two of the The Sims 3 towns you don’t yet own. So I went in there, and came out with “Dragon Valley” and “Roaring Heights”. So stoked to try these out. Some day. When I’m done trying out Island Paradise. And perhaps after I’ve tried out “Into the Future”. And all you know.


My The Sims shelf is starting to get really crowded, and it gets me real stressed giving that The Sims 4 is to be released later this winter. Damn damn damn. Oh well, that’s a later problem. Now I’m really more worked up about Sweden Rock than anything. It’s gonna be so much fun. Can’t wait to get there. At last, at last, at last.

// Sara

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