Cliché Love Song

It’s been quite some time since I last wrote on my blog. Thing has been crazy. I’ve had more stuff to do than I’ve had time, and whatnot.

But on the other hand, what DID happen was that I went to see Michelle, my platypus. To begin with I only went there to pick up Hans of the Southern Isles, but I remain there until late, late night. Lots of gossipping and talking. Much, much needed! Thanks for a great day honey. She also gave me some Phineas & Ferb crackers she’d picked up in Spain. Thanks sweetie! Driving home that night was pretty insane though, as the fog was lying thick. Gladly, both me AND Hans used safety belts.


Apart from that, not much more than work and work and work all dagen through has happened. Exciting things though. And it will bank me a lot.

Oh right. My platypus and I have have some sweet plans for the coming summer.

But first: Sweden Rock Festival.

// Sara


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