I don’t wanna be alone forever, but I can be tonight

I wish I had something interesting to blog about. But I don’t. I just read my school-books, 50 pages a day per book, and I watch TV (Perrysodes and Regular Show OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!) and then I lay floored on the floor looking up in the roof and hyperventilate while kicking my feet dressed in socks with piggys on them in the air. Because you know, thats the kind of thing that I do.

And then I go on and place orders on sites, and right after the confirmation has been done I’m like, oh no, I’m not sure if I actually made up my mind, if I actually wanted that one or the other one. I mean, the other one had a little bedazzlement on it. But I can just bedazzle it myself. Or bedazzle my face. Or bedazzle everything and anything.

I’m just rambling here. Rambling a lot of werid shit on an empty stomach and tired eyes.

Perhaps this is when I write the best. Or perhaps not. Mission Marvel premieres on Friday, not part 2, but the whole thing. Puzzles me, should I just deleted the Part 1’s I have recorded or should I keep them, also, Gravity Falls seems to come to an end in December and I’m not quite ready to let go yet so please don’t wrap up this season just yet, can’t you wait a little longer so I can get used to the idea. No? okay…

So here we are. My 01.34am ramblings on an empty stomach and tired eyes. I should probably pass out in my bed before I write things I’ll regret. I’m also gonna take this moment to excuse my possibly bad english. Sorry.

// Sara


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