Oh Happy Days!

I think today might be a good day. It all started out with my favorite of Americas Next Top Model cycle 13 winning (They are running re-runs, and I haven’t seen the cycle before so beat it).

This followed up with these sweet premieres of “Perrysodes” that is practically nothing but small episodes featuring some of Perrys best fights. Not much, but it’s not like you can get enough Perry, Amirite? An hour after this, “Regular Show” featured new episodes, oh how I’ve longed.

And if this wasn’t enough, my favorite in the TV show “Dessertmästarna” made it to the final. GO SOFIE! Not joking, I was sitting here strangling my stuffed frog being like “Come on, Come on, SOFIE!!” and then they said she made it and I was so happy.

Of course, all of this makes me sound like a lunatic. I mean shit, who cares about some winners or finalists or new episodes. But you wanna know something. It IS a big deal. It is these small things that makes some days shine brighter than others. The small things, you know.

Now, while I’m still confident and happy, I shall apply for jobs. I mean, how much can go wrong today? Except from my driverslesson. Shit got real there, but we’ll solve that somehow.

// Sara


One Response to “Oh Happy Days!”

  1. Låter som en bra dag isåfall och ja det är oftast småsaker som gör en dag bra eller dålig, en hel del tv shower men var bra iallafall 🙂 Kan ej minnas sist man hade tid att kolla på tv längre än en timme, tiden räcker inte.

    Kör på med ansökningarna^^ Vad hände på körlektionen om man får fråga? O_o

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