Brand New Reality

You know what I find difficult? Applying for jobs. To write personal letters, you know, those letters where you write why you’d be suitable for the job.

Perhaps it’s my own low confidence, but I seriously struggle so hard with them. I mean, how the hell am I supposed to, with words, explain to you how capable I am of doing the job? Of course I know I’ll be good at it, because I might have done it before, or I got some rad ideas. But how do you exactly put this into words?

And how do you put it in words, in a way that doesn’t sound to monotone? You know, like “Hi. I can do this and that. And that. Because I worked with it”. But rather in a more… exciting way? Or perhaps, interesting. You know, to catch the readers eye, so they become interested.

But then again, God forbid the letter becomes to cocky. “You should hire me because I’M THE BEST!” Because it appears that doesn’t work either. Seriously, you just come off as someone with a bad attitude. I suppose.

So how do you do it? It’s really feels like it’s some excluded kind of magic that a few people possesses, and the rest of us just have to make complete fools of ourselves trying to prove to the employer, in a kind, but not too kind way, why we’re the best. And it truly is one of the most anguished things you can do. Or well, it is at least for me.

I hope this will carry fruit though. I really want the Gravity Falls DVD. It even got a Journal 3 Journal!! I mean SERIOUSLY!

// Sara

Or something.

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