Mission Month

It’s been two weeks since I blogged last. Time is truly slipping through your hands when all you do is studying and to some extent, work. But it’s okay. Because it’s Mission Month.

First part of Mission Marvel have premiered, there are new episodes of Gravity Falls streaming like crazy every Saturday morning, a new episode or Phineas&Ferb, “Sidetracked” has it’s premiere tonight, or, in 4o minutes, and I’m currently recording the last missing episode I have of Phineas&Ferb, Christmas Vacation the 33 minutes version.

This is one great day, don’t you think? The question is just what episode Gravity Falls will deliver tomorrow. They’ve messed up the productioncodes a lot in Sweden. Hmm Hmm.

Now, I shall return to the Xmas episode and fill myself with some way too early Christmas-feelings. I love this episode so much.

// Sara

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