I have my The Sims 3 playing right next to me. It’s Winter time, my sim-baby is now a toddler and just screaming the hell out of everything. I lost the rhythm for the parents, but it’s alright.

You know why?

Because my platypus and I just made plans. A lot of plans. Not anytime soon, but far off in the future. Or more like, in a year or two. And you know, it might seem drastic to make plans so far ahead, but this was something we talked about right after our Italy trip. And now we’ve decided we’re really gonna work for it, and start save up for it already now. Because in that case, first of all, we will have all the money we need. And if we plan it a long time ahead, it’s easier for us to plan out what to do while there.

And I’m so excited about it. It’s things like this that makes it easier to look for a job. Because you know, you got a motivation. You got something to look forward too. I have difficulty seeing just “Oh, I can move away from home if I work a while!” No. I need something sooner, something that I know will be fun.

And that’s travelling. Sitting on a train, waiting in an airport, flying in a plane, arriving in a new country you’ve never been to, meeting up with your friends from other countries and going to a hotel far off in the warm winds that blows. To spend all days and all nights with your best friends, to have fun and just enjoy everything. To see things. To discover things-

But most of all, it’s the whole thing of being together. All of us. That’s why I can barely even wait for this to happen.

I really hope people will join. Or I’ll kill them or something.

// Sara

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