Made Me Realize

I promise you I’ll get better at this. From now on, I WILL improve.

Alright, so what’s new. Not a whole lot. I got a job that starts next week. It’s a temporary position, but it’s better than nothing! For once in quite some time I’m not fearing not being able to afford the Lordi action figures when they come. I’m really looking forward to these, literally DYING to have these. I hope they won’t be delayed.

Talking about actionfigures, do you know what actionsfigures or how to put it, I really want?

Doofenshmirtz, 2nd Dimension version.

Seriously, that is probably the only figure that I’ve been longing for for a VERY long time. I have a few standing by my stereo of Belle, Flynn Rider, Rapunzel, Clopin and Aladdin. I’d KILL to have them accompanied by 2nd Dimensions Doof. And then I’m dying for 2nd Dimensions Phineas & Ferb. Almost any character 2nd Dimension, because the 2nd Dimension are truly badass. A few more princesses wouldn’t hurt either – you know like Aurora.

But there’s also another set of figures that I’d die for.

Gravity Falls characters.

More precisely, Dipper, Mabel, Stanford, Gideon and Bill Cipher. It’s an odd mix I know, but these are some of my favorites. Okay, Bill hasn’t actually appeared yet, and definitely not in Sweden, but he intrigues me. So yes. The problem with Gravity Falls is that they don’t even exists, and even if they did I’m not sure how many of these characters would be out.

So I’m just blatantly planning to make these myself somehow. I’ll see if they turn out good, but I sure hope so.

Okay. My The Sims 3 (Seasons!!) is starting now. Gonna play it through, and when time comes, I’ll finally install Island Paradise.

// Sara

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