I’ve spent most of the day today with my platypus, walking around town looking for and at stuff. A few days ago we decided to give it a go to make our own Gravity Falls actionfigures, which has of course escalated to us wanting to do more, like pins, and decorating our clothing a lot further and so on. And I even got some plans on making certain pieces of clothing that doesn’t quite exist in my size. I need to find myself a notebook somewhere so I can write it all down, to make sure I don’t forget about it when time has come, you know.

I’m just so excited to start this, I always want to make stuff, yet I always figures this out when it’s “too late”. Fuck that, you know. I also decided to wash my denim-jacket today and had to remove all the “loose” parts and order a couple of new flags since I lost some on one of the Lordi gigs… It really helped inspire the DIY spirit.

Apart from that… She’s seriously the best. On her way home from Gothenburg she went through all the trouble and got me a Perry the Platypus activity-book. WHO DOES THAT? Seriously? I’m forever grateful to her for that. Seriously, she’s the best. Thanks again, meh platypus!

lol 118

// Sara


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