Ding Dong

Sweet Jesus. Haven’t been blogging for AGES. Just didn’t want to I guess.

Looking through my Gravity Falls episodes at the moment. Never thought that moment would come, but now it’s here. Since they are not very many at the moment, I’ve decided to burn them onto DVD’s in chronological order, but I wanna make sure they are OK before I burn them. You know, no silence, no glitches etcetera. I haven’t checked them for this before, probably because I can’t recall EVER seeing Gravity glitch, while I’ve seen it happen LOADS on Phineas&Ferb. And when I’m done I’ll delete the swedish backup.

Why this, you may wonder.


Next week, or this week since you probably read this on Monday, is Phineas and Ferb week. They are it for two hours every day, except from Friday where they air it for five hours. These weeks are perfect because 1) Loads of Phineas 2) Bigger chance to catch the missing episodes. I should have prepared better for this, but oh well. As long as I can get two hours ready for tomorrow, It’s ok.

Talking about that, I have sooo many things I haven’t watched yet.

Like, “My Sweet Ride”, “Just Desserts” for Phineas&Ferb and “Little Dipper” (I think it is) for Gravity Falls. Okay, that was less than I thought… Wow, I just realized they weren’t even supposed to air “Just Desserts” oh my god, I love when this happens!

So I just decided now that I’ll save them. I have a few exams coming up in the near future, and I might as well save them for when I’m done with the exams, to party a bit you know (Yes, I party by watching new Phineas episodes!). What a celebration.

Yeah… Ok. I should go through my episodes now. I need to study real hard for the exams so no time to do this tomorrow…

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