Fly On The Wall

A week later after the two winterthemed episodes it was time to get back to the looong summervacation that’s been going on for some years, as Doofenshmirtz joked about. But then again, what have we said about breaking the fourth wall?

Once again, this contains spoilers.

So first of all I noticed the picture change in the background, you know the pictures that floats behind Phineas&Ferb at the end of the titletrack? In case you didn’t know, they change for every season, and I was really excited to see what pictures they’d do for Season 4. I don’t remember EVERY picture, but they had images from “The Remains of the Platypus”, “Excaliferb” and “Across The 2nd Dimension”.

And talking about the 2nd Dimension. Not sure if you know, but my favorite Phineas&Ferb track happens to be “Summer (Where do we begin?)” and I was THRILLED to hear this song make, a very short, comback in this episode. Okay, Iz, Jeet and Buford doesn’t pull it off as well as Phineas, but then again, how could they.

Well, over all, I think it was a fine episode. It IS rather hilarious how they turn Candace into a fly but… yeah. I’m not gonna write lenghtly about what happens, if you wanna know, you should just watch it. It isn’t the best I’ve seen, but it’s a good start on the fourth season of the summervacation!


// Sara

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