Italy diaries, part eight. LORDI SHOW

So, after having a long nice sleep it was time for us to get up. And, with all the inconvenience that it brings, change hotels. Had to get out of the lovey dovey hotel and change… to another one. We had small difficulties getting to it – even though the old hotel had good connections to the city, it was Sunday and time tables on Sunday doesn’t always necessarily work to your benefit. After some troubles, and some trainchanges later, we were at Lancetti, met up with Argo and found the hotel.

When there, we realized that checking into the hotel wasn’t all that easy. We knew from before that it was no real reception desk, as this was more a “apartment-rental” thing, but what we DID NOT know was that the office was like, 20 minutes away with car. I know I sound superspoiled, but after the trip we had, I wasn’t all that happy about waiting around a lot. And once the manager arrived, we had to travel an additional 10 minutes away to the apartment we were having. Which was bad, because we chose this hotel based on how close it was to the venue… but okay. After checking in we took a few minutes to breathe and then get ready for the show before hitting the road to find Alcatraz.

On the way there we stopped at McDonalds to pick up some food. This time we weren’t gonna do it on empty stomachs – said and done. After this we started walking. And walking. And walking. About 20 minutes later we realize we walked the wrong away. As always. People shouldn’t take directions from me, I always lead them the wrong way. After some directions over phone from my mother (how does she even put up with this, I don’t get it) we FINALLY wound the venue, and the queuing began.

For this day, we had actually brought a pen and a paper, meaning it was time for us to write some real nasty fanfics. They are both disgusting, dirty and HILARIOUS. Especially with the shippings we used. Since we used some bandmembers of a band, I’m not gonna point out what shippings we used, since I know certain people might read my blog (isn’t country-statistics amazing?) but I can assure you they were hilarious. The italians must’ve thought we were crazy when we literally cried from laughing.

And on top of that, a bird pooped on Michelle. CAN IT GET BETTER?

We had planned to eat our second burger at 7 – it would be 30 minutes before they, as we thought, open the doors, which would give us plenty of time (with those small hamburgers you know) but then, ALL OF A SUDDEN… the line moves. And we’re like, what the hell is going on? Apparently they opened eariler than expected. So it was for us just to collect our items at the box office and then ran in and got some spots in front of Amen at second row. Always. I need to get swifter with things. The TM came to check on us too, what a lovely guy. After a little time of waiting, the first band entered.

Just as in Rome, the first band on stage was Colleteral Damage. They had a better response from the audience today, may have to do with the venue being slightly bigger than the one in Rome. The band seemed to be just a little ounce more energetic and they played well.

After they left the stage, it was time for Reverse Grip to enter stage, and by this time it had started to get crowded! The band played energetic and put on quite a show. Yes. I find it a little difficult to add anything to what I said about them in Rome, but you know. They were good. They put on a show. They experienced some technical difficulties in the beginning, but things like that happen. It’s nothing to hold a grudge over.

Since they opened rather early tonight, I was hoping they would to the entire setlist, since they began earlier. It was just to wait and see, I guess! Before we knew it, “God of Thunder” started and the arena broke out in a loud cheer and singing. Once stopped, “SCG6” started and once again the band entered the stage and started of the concert with “We’re Not Bad For The Kids (We’re Worse)”. They seemed to be even more on top today than they seemed in Rome, if not else, it was a bigger crowd to play for! They instantly followed up with “Bringing Back The Balls To Rock” (and you already know what I feel about this, so yeah, no questions asked, haha)

“The Riff” was the next song to be up, and you can really tell the band is more energetic tonight. They seem to put just a little extra into everything tonight, amazing.


“Who’s Your Daddy?”, OX’s moment was next, followed by “Blood Red Sandman” until it was time for Hella to have her moment! I was so thrilled when I saw everyone else leaving stage and leaving her behind, and she started to play… and fucked it up… got shaken…. plays…. fucks it up… And the guy comes, takes her head off and repairs it. It was nicely done, there are, just as in OX’s moment, some details I’d work on, but I still enjoyed it A LOT. “Schizo Doll” followed suit and then the medley.


I was glad to see that they got to use some of their props more properly on this show. Like the Scarbie box or that… wicked thing that raised in “Something Wicked This Way Comes”. “It Snows In Hell” was next until it was time for Mana to have his little moment!

At first I didn’t realize what was going on until I noticed he was levitating. He was moving. Upwards. Very high, too. Accompanied by some where delightful music, the pastor parished and then gave us the drumsolo of our lives. I love him. Seriously. The trick wasn’t flawless, but good enough.

“Supermonstars” was next, making the crowd in Milan very happy (glad to see more people than me enjoying it!) and then “I’m the Best”. I should try not to write more poison about it, so I’ll just give you a pick of it.


After “I’m the Best” no “Bring it On” happened, sadly, but I guess we shouldn’t grieve too much, since we got the superawesomemegafoxyhot Amen pulling off his guitarsolo again. M. That mummy…


“They Only Come Out At Night” was next, followed by “Devil is a Loser”. This means no “I Luv Ugly” (and no “Girls Go Chopping eariler, I haven’t forgotten about it!) and I can live with that. After the song they left, only to come back. “Hulking Dynamo”, “Hard Rock Hallelujah”, “Sincerely With Love” and at last, “Would You Love a Monsterman” was pulled off before they left the stage. However, we had left the crowd immediately after the last note, in order to take some quick sips of water before meeting up with the other Meet&Greeters.

Not sure if you know, but I won a backstagepass in a Twitter contest and I decided to use it in Milan, and so did Michelle. After a little waiting, the TM came to pick us up and walked us backstage. We set up this system – first everybody have their picture taken, and then we go back to get stuff signed. Argo, Michelle and I were the first people up, and I for some reason was the first person to walk up to the band. This is never good, because I’m always a nervous wreck.

Although. Mr L just greeted me in Swedish. I probably just looked confused. I really didn’t know where to go. They are five members, there are no middle point you know? But Hella told me to come to her and that I didn’t need to be afraid.

And then she strangles me.

No need to be afraid.

What a joke.


Wow, how small it turned out. Oh well.

italienlilla 744
Michelle and the band

italienlilla 747
Argo and the band

After this we left the “podium” and waited. We made sure to get completely ready for when the TM was to call us again, and once he did, we dashed up. Despite not being first to the band this time, I was still slightly confused in where to go first. So I started at Mana’s, and onwards. I had some photographs to be signed, and he sorted them out to come in the right order. That’s sweet. Just as before, I’m not gonna tell much about the meeting for many reasons, but I can tell you that among all that happened, Mr L praised us, OX teased me for my height and Mr L and OX had a heated discussion about my pics. And Amen bowed to me. Amazing. And they loved my pen. So much that they wanted to borrow it for the rest of the signing session. I just say: BE MY GUEST!

We left the podium quickly, as not to take up too much time with the band and sat down to wait for the pencil to be returned when Dru from the support band (Reverse Grip) caught up with us to discuss the tour, photography, alcohol and… I think that covers it. Interesting.

The pen was returned, we were forced out so we said good bye to all the bands and walked out in the chilly and rainy Milan night, with a big smile on our faces.


// Sara

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