Italy diaries, part seven

After a fantastic night, and barely any sleep, it was time for us to get up and get to, for me and Michelle, the second and final city of the tour, and for Argo to go to his second city of the tour. Originally we were supposed to go there as well, but after some health considerations we figured it was a no can do, and it was better if we just hit Milan instantly and rested for a day. We had gone up fairly early to make sure we made it in time, and after some waiting we were finally sitting on the train.

When travelling by the train, we got to see some of the most beautiful landscapes I’ve ever seen. I just sat there staring out the window and inhaling everything I saw.  It was impossible to take pictures of it, but damn, it was wonderful. For the first time ever, I was thankful we were travelling by train.

With some small delays we arrived in Venezia for a short train change, and finally, after four hours of travelling, we arrived in Milan. Okay, that is ridiculous, four hours isn’t even much but… it felt like it!

Our original hotel was already fully booked, so for this night only we had to use another hotel, called Una Hotel Scandinavia. And.. I’m in love. What a hotel. Cheap, but still high standards! Once at the hotel we took a moment to breath, and I finally got a chance to take some pics of the shopping I had gotten done in Rome.

italienlilla 737
Mesh green/gray studded piece from Tally Weil, pink west from Tezenis and I think you can get where from the Candy for the Cannibal is.

italienlilla 739
Everything from Disney Store except the Colosseum and the pins.

I was so thrilled to find the Jasmine Classic 2013 mug. Ever since the series came out on the Disney Store webpage I’ve been longing to get some of them (Aurora, Jasmine, Belle, more to be exact) and this is a start!

After catching our breath, we headed out to do some quick shopping. Or you know, you should totally read that as “checking-out-what-Disney-Store-Milan-has-to-offer”. We looked it up, and was happy to find out it was located on a shopping street, so we got SOME other window shopping done. But of course, as always, most time was spent at the Disney Store.

It seemed like the bigger difficulty was to find a place to eat. First we found an amazing place, but then we were told they closed in ten minutes. Oh well, so much for that! Eventually, we DID find a place to eat, and could enjoy some Italian pasta. Haha, how weird it felt to write that. Oh well. It was heavens sensations, to say the least!

Coming home to the hotel we decided to take a sort of a “spa night” – taking a bath, cleaning up thoroughly for the upcoming night. While drying up and eating some last minute McDonalds (we had eaten barely anything in Rome during all four days, so we were HUNGRY) when Michelle put on “I Luv Ugly” which is her favorite from AWCA. And then her onion escaped.

That’s what she gets from liking bad Lordi songs.

After this, we peacefully slipped away to sleep…. preparing for what was to come.


// Sara

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