Italy diaries, part four

Well, today has been… fine. I would’ve liked to say it was fantastic, but it’s hard to so. This might be, only, because I had a bit higher expectations and hopes for how the day would turn out.

For today we had planned to see the Vatican, Arco di Tito, Piazza del Popolo and shopping, but after some delays, we missed out on doing Arco di Tito. Gladly, despite the show being tomorrow, we’ve decided we will go and see it. And this time we will make sure to get out of this godforsaken hotel in time.

You see, when we woke up this morning, we noticed we were out of electricity. The horror. Going to the bathroom in complete darkness, THAT’S, what I call an adventure.

Either way, sooner or later we did make it into town, and at last, we made it to Musei Vaticani and strolled around in there for a couple of hours. It’s so beautiful down here in Rome – I can’t even begin to describe it. And yes, I mention Rome as Down, and then I think of Down as from Sweden.

italy3 027italy3 036italy3 071italy3 157italy3 172

DSC_0679italy3 178

After this we figured it was time to hit Piazza del Popolo and once there we figured we’d continue down the shopping street. We saw a few interesting stores, but we had one particular store in mind…


Oh yes baby. It was basically like heaven on earth. Lots of cash was spent. We also hit some other stores, but since it’s getting a little late here, I figured I’d show you what was bought when we arrive in Milano and have a calm day off.

Once done with the shopping we returned to Piazza del Popolo and went up on the stairs that I have completely forgotten the name of, and looked out over Rome. It was… magical, to say the least. Not only the view, but the whole park was just… magnificent.

italy3 231italy3 241DSC_0708

After we left this place we hit up on Fontana di Trevi again, as well as the Spanish Stair before having some late night dinner.


Well.. after dinner we went back to the hotel and now I’m writing this. It’s time for me to jump into bed now. On tomorrows schedule: Palantino and LORDI! Exciting!

// Sara

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