Italy Diaries, part three.

Hello again dearest!

Well, this day has been quite interesting. First of all, this was the first time we saw our own surroundings by daylight, and I must say… it’s so beautiful! Perhaps it is because it’s something I’m not used to waking up to see, but still. LOVELY!

20130417_230017italy2 009

We originally planned to take the bus to the metro and there get these three day passes, but apparently, you needed one of these to be able to ride the bus, so we found ourselves walking… for two hours. To find the metro. Which we never did. But we did find some pretty flowers! My platypus is the model.

italy2 026

But yes. After about an hour and a half walking, we actually found a shopping center  where we paused to pick up a bottle of water before continuing to walk. I mean, seriously. WE WALKED from our hotel to the shopping center in Anagnina, It is ONE FUCKING WALK I tell you. After that we even tried to walk to the metro, but we decided against it since it was too many highways to run over. YOLO in all it’s pride when you’re traveling like this, but I’d like to survive until AFTER the shows, thank you very much.

We walked back to the shopping center with the thought of taking a taxi just to you know, get out of it. But apparently, you could buy bus-tickets in a small store inside the center. We need to pay more attention. After getting a ticket, we waited for the bus and after some time, finally got to the metro and got our three-days passes. YES. Finally.

May I add, that at this point, we have still not even eaten breakfast? Yup. I think I had three gummybears or something before, but apart from that, nothing.

So, the first thing we did was to stop by Colosseum  What else, haha. It was pretty nice actually. You have to excuse my lack of knowledge about the building, but it was quite massive.

italy2 038italy2 051italy2 123

After walking around for quite some time we decided it was time to check out some other sightseeing’s, such as the Arco di Constantin..

italy2 160

… and Palatino.

And Palatino.. We were supposed to walk around the whole Arco de Tito + Palatino, but due to lack of time, we could only finish Palatino… and I’m just saying. I think I might have found my favorite place in Rome. Of course, I haven’t been everywhere. But from what I saw today… it was just…. wow.

Fun story though, we didn’t find the entrance, so we walked around and eventually we did find a door, and we figure we’d walk in, since it was entrance. Little did we know we had just entered a church. It was SUCH an overwhelming feeling. It’s been some time since last I was in a church, and I was just stunned to silence, on the same time as I had “God Help The Outcasts” stuck in my brain on the same time. Wow.

But Palatino… wow. At first we just relaxed in the sweet environment before starting to walk around. We even decided we’ll hit it up tomorrow as well just because.

italy2 192italy2 201italy2 217

This was unbelievable.  Standing up there on the building, watching the mid-day rush go on… all of  a sudden a small green car passed by, was quite and odd sight for me. This was just… it’s indescribable, and I don’t think I get it through very well in pictures.

And okay. After a long day with ALL too many Hunchback of Notre Dame and Hercules references, we all of a sudden come across this. You see what it is?

italy2 233

It’s a hat. That looks like feodora. IT’S PERRYS FUCKING HAT. How the hell, how did this even, why is this…

italy2 241

After this had closed, we went to see the Spanish Stair and Fontana di Trevi, however, it had gotten so dark so my camera wouldn’t co-operate. It was beautiful as hell though. We also managed to hit up on a sweet restaurant for some sweet food. And I tell you. At this point, the clock is 10pm (22.00). And we hadn’t eaten a single thing during the whole day. Needless to say, I normally take an hour or an hour and a half to finish a pizza. Today it took me 15 minutes. Go figure if I was hungry… Rounding it up pretty badly, we kinda just hit home right after this. Metro and bus (NO WALKING! THANK GOD!) and hotel.

Oh by the way. On my way to Fontana di Trevi I managed to fall in the stairs of the metro and hit my knee so badly I can’t even at this point (02.24 am) bend my knee. Promising for Friday, huh? At least I got a bruise worth it’s name! Usually these things hurt more and show nothing, which disappoints me, but this time, it shows! I’m bad ass.


Oh well. Like I said, it’s 2.28 in the morning, and we got shit to do tomorrow. Like DisneyStore. So we need to hit the sack. I’ll see yah tomorrow!

// Sara

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