Today is Gonna Be a Great DAy

Okay. So that about me trying to at least stock entries to upload didn’t work out very well. I should get started with that whenever I get some time over. Which I should any day now. And while thinking about it, I should really start studying a bit more, you know, pick up the pace.  And about that, I’m starting to stock up on non-archived Phineas episodes. I need to archive them before this weekend.

Yes. I haven’t blogged since last weekend, so well. As you know, it was a Gravity Falls marathon last weekend, which was… good. I mean, it’s the same episodes I’ve seen so many times now. We only have seven episodes in Sweden right now (Tourist Trapper, The Legend of the Gobble Wonker, The Hand That Rocks Mabel,  Headhunters, Dipper vs Manliness, Double Dipper, The Inconviniencing), or well, at least what I know off, and well.. making a two-day marathon out of those isn’t… all that exciting. Phineas&Ferb, despite having seen almost all episodes, it’s always a bit of roulette regarding what episodes that comes, you know? Even though you only base it on Season 3 for instance, it’s like, 20 episodes to choose from.

This weekend, it’s another Phineas&Ferb marathon. This time it will focus on Candace and Jeremy, much like it focused on Isabella and the Fireside Girls last time. This marathon is slightly shorter, but it will sure fill me up on some of the episodes I’m missing, like “Canderemy”, which is the only episode I’m absolutely positive they’ll show. If they don’t, I will seriously ask what’s wrong with them.

Once I got “Canderemy”, for a second time that is, the only episodes I lack from season three is “Meapless in Seattle” and “This is your backstory”. As far as I’m concerned, these episodes are so far unaired in Sweden, so I’m just (in)patiently waiting for them.

I also figured I’d go through all my recordings, once and for all, without speeding them. To check up on what episodes are incomplete or broken, or to make sure that I truly have all the episodes that I say I have. And preferably, I’d have this done before this weekend. But I tell you. It’s a hell lot of episodes. But I’ll manage.

I must.

I better start archiving. It’s not like I’m gonna start tomorrow if I’m not starting today.


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