A Whole New World

I haven’t been blogging for a few days. And that is really only because I got nothing to blog about. And I’m not certain if it’s really a good idea to blog if you have nothing to blog about. I mean, I must be the only one in this world who, at 2am sit and watch a two hour marathon of Phineas&Ferb. It was a good one though, I think it was only two episodes I previously had. So, good catch.

I started playing The Sims again. I know how stupid it sounds, but I tend to have it a bit in periods. Like, I play it every day for a while, and then I have a little break (a week or so).  But I never really know what to do. My golden family, Cullens, is bugged like I don’t know, so I can’t play on them, since I’ve loaned a friend one of my expansionpacks. And since Cullens is such a superfamily, I don’t have the patience to play on another one.

I wrote this shitlong entry now about what families I got in The Sims that I have at least a little patience with, but that did instead inspire me to write an entry alone about what The Sims families I got at the moment, that I have the patience to play on. But I’ll save that entry for a day when I don’t know what to write about. I think I’ll start do that. Whenever I feel inspired, I’ll just write an entry and save it, as long as it’s ageless.

Okay. The marathon is done now, sadly, it ended earlier than I had hoped it would, I wished they’d have had “Busted (At Last!)” included as well, but I guess Animazing just KEEP geting shorter. Went from three hourse to two, and now to one and a half. Goddamn it Disney, I rather watch Scaredy Squirrel for three hourse than your sitcoms. Some of them are good, but Lab Rats and Kickin It ARE NOT. I’m just bitter because I was so close to scratch of season one.

And now I’m rambling about nonsense. I’ll just clean my DVD.

Good Night

// Sara

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