Wow. Now I drifted away again. Sorry.

Well, there’s been a Canderemy marathon this weekend. I caught some of the episodes I was still looking for, but as I try to look through all of my episodes before Wednesday to do a major clean up, I’m sort of fed up with Phineas&Ferb at the moment (Never thought you’d hear me say that, huh?)

Although I have a lot to do. I have to write to one job, apply for two jobs, do some schoolwork, prepare Phineas&Ferb, trying to pull the last string together for Italy and… clean. Yes. All of this I have to do before Wednesday. But they have an Animazing with Phineas&Ferb on Wednesday, so I guess I could use that as a reward for a job well-done. Ah well.

Sorry for boring you out. I really just wrote this to distract myself from screaming out in desperation. I don’t necessarily have to look at the screen to notice if the screen goes black or it loses its sound.

But then again. Currently going through “Blackout!”. And the screen is always black. Perhaps I should pay attention to this one.

// Sara

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