Wait, something just occurred to me! Where’s Perry?! Where’s Perry?!

Toady I finally pulled myself together to clean up after our “Where’s Perry?” celebration. All these Phineas&Ferb decorations have been up for days. But I must say, we had quite a blast during the weekend! We watched through “Chronicles of Meap” during Friday, and some other various episode because we hoped for “Meapless In Seattle” on Saturday morning, however, we were deceived  We got Perry The Actorpus instead, but in all honesty, it’s either way. As long as it was a new episode. We went out for a walk before we went home to watch through the marathon DisneyXD themselves hosted before “Where’s Perry” were finally to be aired.

And well… thoughts? First of all, as I do with ALL these special episodes  I love the climate in them. And “On The Savannah”…. that must be one of the best sequences ever to be made in a Phineas & Ferb episode. And Carl being evil… It even made me fear the well-being of the Tri-State Area. But yes. I laughed, and I still laugh like an idiot whenever I hear his song “Evil For Extra Credit”.

And what a cliffhanger! Phineas & Ferb heading to death, Perry is GONE, Jeremy is breaking up with Candace and Flynn-Flecthers reservation is not there?! However I can’t care less for the table though.

Despite this, it hasn’t yet proven to me if it really beats “Summer Belongs To You”, that I have called out to be the best Phineas&Ferb episode ever to be made, and yes, this despite “Chronicles” being my favorite. I’m not even counting in “2nd Dimension” here, because that’s a different… dimension. Ha Ha. See what I did there?

After this we just continued on with our own marathon with our personal favorites, and we were just about to start “Summer Belongs To You” (We’ve decided that we’ll always keep this one to last before 2nd Dimension because of it’s epicness) when we noticed they were just about to air an episode of Phineas and Ferb on DisneyChannel, so we decided to check what episode it was, just in case.

And I’m fucking glad we did.

The episode was “When Worlds Collide”, which for me, was a new episode. And it did immediately go up to be one of my favorites. I mean, I only say this:

Sleepover. Double-Dutching. Whalemingos. Baljeet & Buford. Ferbella. Candace worrying face when bursting into her parents. That is, enough to make this probably, so far, the best episode in Season 3. Yes, “Excaliferb” and “My Fair Goalie” are amazing, but I can’t even think about “Collide” without laughing like an idiot. And the song “Whalemingo” is somewhat of a lullaby for me now.

Okay. So now I’ve been ranting about Phineas&Ferb for a while without any actual intention to do so. Oh well, see you tomorrow!

// Sara

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