Into the Sunlight

My favorite piece from The Hunchback of Notre Dame, it’s at the point where Frollo have been defeated and Quasi caught by Pheobus, right before entering into the sunlight.

Wow. Studying has literally taken up ALL my awoken time, I always thought “hah, of course I’ll find time to blog!” Perhaps, or, obviously, not. But now I’m done! Or well, almost. I have one more task to complete, because I wasn’t quite finished as I had planned with another task, so I’m either doing it early tomorrow, or I’m doing now as I ain’t going to bed for quite a while.

And also, I can’t believe how time is running! NEXT WEEK is Steel Panther week! Due to unforseen circumstances we’ve decided to cut down the Sabaton week a lot shorter than originally planned, but I’m certain we’re gonna have great time either way with just Steel Panther and meeting some friends.

No, you know what. An instrumental version of “I Won’t Say I’m in Love” is playing in the background, so I think I’m actually gonna go ahead and finish the damn last tasks immediatley so I won’t need to worry for it tomorrow and can concentrate on my other courses. One of them is ending quite soon, which frightens me! Gladly, as I’m done with whatever I was abscent for, I’m finally worthy to have a gamers weekend this weekend. That will be FANTASTICO! Gonna play the shit outta Atlantis. Yeah, that’s right Meljanz, you heard me! And oh… I wanna go back to Boda Borg…

NP: Megs Garden – Hercules Soundtrack

// Sara

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