Hah, ironically. For once I figured I’d actually let my iTunes slip me a song to use as title, and it became Restless, and I am kinda restless.

Which I shouldn’t be, because I got LOADS to do for school. Maybe that’s exactly why. However, I’ve decided to put some pressure on myself and said to myself: “Alright Sara, you got this big bag of tasty candy, a 2 L bottle of Fanta wildberry and an exciting, yet scary, game you really want to play. But guess what? YOU CAN’T! Unless you finish all the work you planned to finish.” Figured I’d try to make it like I do school/work on workdays and always save gaming / movies /whatnot for weekends. Considering I have my ridinglessons on Friday, it’s kinda the perfect finish you know. So yeah. I’m trying real hard, harder than I ever thought I would, No Atlantis until Friday. ‘ Cept from today.

I was gonna try out some screenrecordes for proper recording of the game. Already back in the days I was WAY to fascinated by the way the characters moved in the game, and now when it’s speed up, it looks even funnier. As you may remember, I was at the Red Rooster, and I figured that I need to get past that shit to even dare open the game again. So I put on the first recorder, taking a deep breath, and failed, of course. I jumped onto the wrong villain, you see. So technically, I was right, but still wrong. And the video didn’t work out, of course. Then I tried another one, and jumped onto the right villain, and actually made it through! I was pleased. I turned off the game and it still didn’t work properly. Fuck this.

If anyone can recommend a software that records smoothly without slowing the game/pc down please let me now. The thing is that, Atlantis is pretty picky. As the retarded game it is, you have no time to think or even to react when something happens, so to play this game SLOWED DOWN is pretty much securing your own death or failure, yes, still at Atlantis you may actually only get in jail, unless it’s Meljanz and his companions. And also, it needs to be a software without timelimits, as you cannot “lay down” the game like with The Sims and then take it up again, if you do this you have to restart the whole game. But yes, if you know a software who fix this, let me know!

Talking about not being able to react. I’ve just started this game again after all this time, and two nights in a row I’ve woken up by nightmares connected to Atlantis. The first one was just odd – I woke up panting like an idiot with Meljanz and “The Way of the Platypus” in my brain. You know, Meljanz killed Perry and ate him for breakfast or something. However I can’t recall what I actually dreamt. This night however, it was much clearer. It was one of the companions, a companion whom I don’t remember the name of as he doesn’t play a bigger part as Meljanz or Lascoyt, but it was some on G, so I refer to him for now as “Gonzales” cause I swear his name was something like that. And no, not even after a bit of research can I find his name. He is anyway the dude you talk to before you talk to Lascoyt BEFORE Red Rooster.

Either way, it was basically the scene from Red Rooster, if you take a step too far, he just throws a knife at you. And the last thing I remember before again waking up panting like a moron was that knife coming toward me. And after talking to Michelle, I think I even know why I feel so worked up over it.

Unlike the other games I usually play, such as Starshine, Harry Potter and The Sims, which are all in 3rd person perspective, Atlantis is a 1st person perspective. So basically,when you are looking at the white in Meljanz eyes, it ain’t Seth, it’s you. When Gonzales or Lascoyt or random guard throws a knife at you, it’s not at Seth, it’s at you. And as I’m not quite used to this, it just gets to me somehow. Ugh. I need someone to remind me WHY I loved and adored it so much when I were younger. So much I even rejected anything called “Atlantis” that wasn’t connected to this. And as a matter of fact, I still do to this day. I remember when Phineas “Atlantis” episode came on and my first thought was “Bitch Please, that ain’t no Atlantis! Where are Meljanz and Queen Rhea huh?!”

Okay. I also promised myself I wouldn’t think of or talk about Atlantis before going to bed because I scare myself too easy. And STILL I do have the audio book of Disney’s Hunchback playing when going to bed. Maybe I should change back to the Twilight Saga.

NP: Absolutely No Decorum – The Ark
// Sara

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