Hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but I don’t like you, so fuck you maybe?

These are the infamous lines that my platypus came up with after I showed her the infamous Meljanz and his moves. She thought he was quite groovy dancing around while threatening Seth to death. And that even rhymed.

I must say, that despite I didn’t do everything I planned to, I think I got a lot done today. First of all I _finally_ emailed my teachers. I don’t know why, but I have somewhat been dreading it. But yesterday I said pretty much, fuck all, and made myself a list on things I needed to do today. And most of them were accomplished. So I guess you can say I succeeded.

And I did get my reward instantly! A while ago I ordered a “3D” boardgame, Hunchback of Notre Dame and I was eagerly waiting for it, and this Friday it actually came! I can’t believe it. My parents just completely missed out on giving me the… thing you turn into the postoffice. So I finally got it now! Eeeh, I can’t wait to try both this one and the other Hunchback game out. And I want to do it soooooon!

I also advanced a bit in Atlantis today, and by god, you can tell I haven’t played this in a while. I’m right now at the Red Rooster (it is the red!) where Lascoyt hunts you to kill you, you know. I have yet to finish that, I get too stressed knowing Lascoyt is right behind me.

But now, I shall keep watching “On Stranger Tides” and maybe.. tidy a bit, ha ha.

// Sara

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