Men ingen som ser ut som jag gör, kan träffas av ett himmelskt sken

Men plötsligt har en ängel lett ömt emot mig, och kysst min kind men utan att bli rädd. En känsla närmar sig, bryr hon sig om just mig? Och när mina klockor hörs igen… mitt mörka torn ja minsta steg… har träffats av ett himmelskt sken…

I hope I got the lyrics right. I’m too tired to check, and I still don’t have any sound on the computer. “Heaven’s Light” is just stuck in my brain right now because I just played it on Forte.

I think I’m in some sort of… inspired mood right now. I just get a lot done. I’ve managed, finally, to book all the hotels for the Stala&SO. trip and as soon as I get home from Steel Panther I’ll start booking the traintrips and concerttickets (for those places availible that is). I originally wanted to do it BEFORE I left for Steel Panther, but I think I could use some sparecash on the account for traintickets and such in Oslo and Copenhagen.

I went downtown today for my last minute shopping. And I know how bad it probably sounds right after I said I don’t have much cash left on my account, but it’s not as bad as it sounds. When I do my last minute shopping what I mainly do is to re-fill my “travel-box”. I have a small box that I fill with ‘important’ stuff that I bring for concerts, travels or festivals. And I try to make sure everything’s in stock, but occasionally, things empties out. So before every trip I make sure I have enough plasters, sunspray (mainly for festivals), aspirins, mousquitocreams and then less important things as hairspray and such. So that’s what I mean with last minute shopping.

I also keep other necessary stuff in this box, such as watches and extra wallets etc. I never wear watches daily, but it’s extremly convenient to have when you travel abroad to a different timezone, I usually only switch timezone on this one. And you don’t need to check your cell all the time. And two wallets is also convenient, this way you can easily bring both some swedish money to be used before departure and after you’re back in Sweden, or as in our case right now,when we go from Sweden to Norway and then to Denmark we can just keep our Danish money in one wallet and Norweigan in another one to keep them apart. I’m not sure what we should do with our Swedish but okay…

That’s another thing I did today, exchange money. Michelle and I wrapped up the day with a smaller meal at Subway discussing horrible Disneymovies (horrible in the sense of scary, not poorly executed, but we discussed them too), Steel Panther and horses. With other words, pretty normal day for the two of us.

And for the first time in a very long time, I’m actually tired. Usually, I’m never tired at this point at night (it’s currently 01:09 here). This is usually the time I.. awake. But I went up a bit earlier than usual today so I guess thats why. Just a few more things, like clearing out a bag and store some books, and then I can finally go to bed. Stable and hairdresser is on the schedule tomorrow. Nice stuff.

// Sara

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